Hey There!

I am an Illustrator and Designer born and raised in the Chicagoland area. I am currently located in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota.  I received a BFA in Illustration from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois and attended the Illinois Institute of Art for Graphic Design.

Art has been my passion since I could hold a pencil. When I am not illustrating or working on packaging design for my job at MindWare, I can be found hiking, playing video games, or cooking with my family.

I feel so fortunate to be able to do something that I love and within my personal artwork I draw inspiration from people I know, animals I love, and my passions for the environment and games.





What brushes/materials do you use to create your artwork?


I work mostly digitally for my professional work. When I am on a computer I use mainly Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The brushes I use in photoshop are typically Kyle Webster brushes and I use a wacom tablet. 

The other tool I use artwork is an Ipad Pro with the Apple pencil. The drawing app I use with the Ipad is Procreate.

When I get a chance to do traditional work for work, or personal art I enjoy using Winsor Newton watercolors and guaches. 

Are you accepting commissions?

I am currently accepting commissions. If this changes I will announce it on social media or here on my website. Inquiries can be made through my contact form.

Can you illustrate my book?

Serious inquires can be sent to me through my contact form, however, I can not take on self-published projects at this time.

Can you work on a project for free?

Although I enjoy drawing and making artwork, it is how I make a living and I cannot do projects for free. 

I would be open to do doing art for a cause if it was something I support, but other than that, I cannot take on projects that I will not get paid for.

Where can I buy prints of your artwork?

I am currently working to get a store set up where I will sell prints, and a few other of my creations. Stay tuned!

Who are your influences/inspiration?

I take inspiration from both modern and classic children's illustrators. Jan Brett and Janell Cannon were influences as a child when I started reading children's books and fell in love with art that I saw. I also draw inspiration from nature and things that I see in day to day life.

Can I use your artwork for inspiration, a background, etc?

All of my professional work is copyrighted and or owned by the companies that I produced the work for. 

As for my personal work, I don't mind them being used for reference but please refrain from creating direct copies of my work. If you use it as a reference crediting my work is appreciated. If you want to use my artwork for other reasons, please contact me for permission or for other inquiries.